TSP, Retirement, and Financial Planning

For Federal Employees and Military

Early-, Mid-, and Late-Career Courses

No need for seminars with this Federal retirement and benefits training.
  • Make your financial/retirement plan with a step-by-step guide by Debbie Mason, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.
  • Identify goals and savings needed.
  • Compare tax-smart saving — TSP, Roth TSP, IRAs, Roth IRAs.
  • Estimate income needs and savings growth.
  • Estimate Federal and other retirement income.
  • Learn how to invest for short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals.
  • Plan for child education, long-term care, and estate transfers.
  • For Late-Career, plan tax-efficient income — TSP, Roth TSP, other.
  • Early-Career
    For employees with more than 25 years to retirement — Get off to the right start . . . . Establish sound money management skills . . . Build an emergency fund . . . Invest early to put money and time to work . . . Time is on your side if you start now — small investments have time to grow . . . Start now to control your financial future.
  • Mid-Career
    For employees with 10-25 years to retirement — Learn more than at a mid-career retirement seminar . . . Don’t procrastinate — it will be hard to catch up . . . Expand priorities to meet changing family needs . . . Learn how to manage for short-term goals and invest with a long-term strategy . . . Maximize contributions to your retirement savings so they can grow before you need them.
  • Late-Career
    For employees within 10 years to retirement — Learn more than at a Pre-Retirement seminar . . . Maximize contributions to your retirement savings before you retire . . . Eliminate remaining debt . . . Estimate retirement income needs . . . Learn how to invest for inflation-adjusted lifetime income . . . Evaluate withdrawal options and potential income from retirement savings.

The courses are self-paced. Completion time will depend on previous knowledge and time spent viewing in-depth resources and writing a personal financial plan.

Customized for Federal Government and Military Retirement Systems
Federal Employees Retirement (FERS)
  • FERS
  • FERS Special (includes Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers, Military Reserve Technicians, members of Congress, and Congressional employees).
Civil Service Retirement (CSRS)
  • CSRS
  • CSRS Special for Law Enforcement and Firefighters
Blended Retirement (BRS)

For those who entered after January 1, 2018 OR those who switched from Legacy to BRS.


For those who entered or after September 8, 1980, but before August 1, 1986 OR entered on or after August 1, 1986 and did not choose Career Status Bonus and REDUX retirement.

I recommend everyone should take a course like this in the first 5 years of employment and then a refresher course at mid-career and again 5 years before retirement.
Great course; great reference material. Appreciated the opportunity to have access to the information and work through my own specific situation on my own timelines (as opposed to getting all the info at once in a classroom setting and no time to work through my own situation).
It's a good solid course to understand your FERS retirement, understand the TSP choices, and some good ideas for investing for retirement more confidently.
The calculator that builds as the user progresses through the course is EXCELLENT.
This is a very good planning tool for any employee at any stage of their career to assist with retirement planning.
Suggest course should be mandatory for all employees at 5, 15, 20, and 30 years of service. Wish I had done it years ago.

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